Tuesday, December 02, 2003


this plus a housing allowance

This is probably a sign that I've been drinking WAY too much caffeine lately given all the cafe time I've put in to work on my dissertation but I had one of THE strangest dreams last night...

I dreamt that I was offered competing post-doctoral fellowships, one from a school in New York, the other from a school in Los Angeles. The LA college (there was no name) was apparently staffed by pushy but beautiful Asian witches who magically materialized at my house with my fellowship package details. They intimated that I had better take their offer or else bad things could happen - these were, after all, magical fellowship administrators. Then one of them tried to seduce me by wildly thrashing herself against the wall - sort of like a surreal Calvin Kline t.v. ad. Though I resisted her advances (really, I did), I have to admit their offer was attractive (and no, I don't mean it that way). The money was good and they had bonus perks like housing and travel arrangements. That plus I get hang out around hot Asian witches. Like I said, decaf = good thing.