Sunday, December 28, 2003


doin' it up brooklyn style?

Many of you have likely already heard the news but Jay-Z has joined a consortium trying to buy the New Jersey Nets and move them to Brooklyn. Architect Frank Gehry is already on board to design the new stadium which would be at the intersection of Flatbush and Atlantic in the heart of downtown Brooklyn.

I don't know enough about the human costs in making this move (assuming it even happens) - after all, redevelopment, even for sports facilities, always has positive and negative benefits to people already living in the area. That said, if it happens, my main hope would be that they would rename the Brooklyn Nets to something more...interesting. "New Jersey Nets" worked fine since you had that alliteration thing going on. But "Brooklyn Nets"? Yaaaaawn.

My vote - it's so obvious: Brooklyn Zoo. Can I get an amen?

ol dirty says: "amen!"