Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Ok, I swear I'll stop plugging this album soon but my review of DJ Danger Mouse and his now infamous Grey Album is in the S.F. Bay Guardian as of this week. (the irony though, of course, is that Danger Mouse got hit with a "cease and desist" order. Read my man Joseph Patel's MTV story on it - he was probably the first to break it.)

Update: The folks at Illegal Art have done an immense public service by posting the entire Grey Album online. This is hot - they manage to throw up the middle finger at both EMI and RIAA. (as seen on

Also, if you want to read a reaaaaaalllly long-winded interview about yours truly, Tadah over at Urban Smarts interviewed me last week and the full long transcript is available now.

I also forgot about this this interview on from last fall.