Monday, March 08, 2004


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  • Do you hate dubbed films? Join theWeb Alliance for the Respectful Treatment of Asian Cinema.
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  • This should surprise no one: "Teen abstinence vows get so-so results. Pledge doesn't cut rate of disease, study says." On the upside, such vows delays sex about about 1.5 years for most people who make them and I don't think that's a bad idea BUT one of the main justifications for such abstinence programs is that they're supposed to prevent the spread of venereal disease and according to this study, that's not happening. Maybe one day all these fervant sex-phobic religious groups and politicans will finally realize that telling kids not to have sex isn't a way to keep them safer and what's even more noteworthy: 88% of them still had sex before marriage. Oops, so much for the worth of the vow.

  • Why is anyone afraid of the Illuminati? Apparently, the Masons aren't all that bright.

  • Spalding Gray is dead. After he went missing for over a month, they have identified his body.

  • Ah, rap haters. They're such a surly bunch. If you want to read some stuff for kicks and giggles, look at this poorly penned invective against hip-hop by the UK's Nick Crowe. Whatever mane!
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  • But for those who hate sexist rap, there is now an alternative. Boston debuts an anti-sexist radio station for hip-hop fans.

  • The Shield is bizzack. Read Jeff Chang's spiel of love about it.

  • Did you ever want to know the real deal with hip-hop and porn? Ok, even if you didn't, Jay Smooth breaks it down.

  • Here's a decent article about Asian American rappers. It covers familiar ground that people have been writing about for about 10 years now but hey, any exposure is good exposure right?
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  • Ladies and gentleman, I give you: Hold ya heads.
    (spotted at Hip Hop Intellectual Commentary)

  • Oh my. Oh my my. Um...I can't even really describe this in polite company but this new invention might convert new waves of biking enthusiasts.
    (spotted at Gizmodo)

  • I never, ever thought I'd be on the side of Howard Stern, whose shows I find to be appallingly misogynistic and patently offensive but damn, the current Right regime is making for strange bedfellows.
    (spotted at Best Week Ever)

  • Yo, Best Week Ever also reports that Peter Jackson has agreed to film "The Hobbit"!!! No studio chosen yet but you can bet the bidding war over this will be insane.

  • The Freelance Mentalists are about to crash your cipher. Scott Seward. Jeanne Fury. Julianne Shepherd. Michaelangelo Matos. H Arefe-Aine. Anthony Miccio. Adam Levine. Steve Kiviat. Gustavo Arellano. Matt Cibula. Maybe me. Got a crew? You better tell 'em.

  • Photoshop junkies can get their hit at Some hilarious but visually impressive ideas here.

  • Check out the new video for Kanye West's "All Falls Down". I'm still sorry he couldn't get the Lauryn sample cleared - that OG version was far better.
    (spotted at Intellectual Hip Hop Commentary)

  • More Arthur Russell love: Here's Johnny Ray Houston's piece on him.

  • Holy mother of god. Some German(?) folks, with clearly waaaay too much time on their hands, decided to get together and make an animated version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video (the long version) using charactesr made from Legos. Frightening.
      -Speaking of too much time on one's hands...may I also offer the Accidental Video Game Porn Archive? What is extraordinary about this archive is not the fact that there are video games out there with scenes that look like porn but that someone sat down and cataloged it. I mean, jesus christ dudes, get out of Evans Hall sometime and see the light! (Of course, they'd be from Berkeley).
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