Thursday, March 18, 2004


who's world is this?

  • How to rob a Girl Scout. Remember my story below about Girl Scout cookies? Well, evidently, gully MFers read that too because Girl Scouts are getting held up in Berkeley. Damn.
    (spotted at Aye Train)

  • Digital cameras. I love how newer digital cameras are going retro style. Peep this new Epson - the first digital camera with a range finder.

    (spotted at gizmodo)

  • Time killers. Uh oh, more Flash-powered musical toys to keep you unproductive at work/school/home, etc. Fun as hell though.

  • Back to Idol: Read why's Metal Face hates the show.

  • Some American Idol stuff: I said this before and I'll say it again - why is Matthew Rogers still in this? Dude is WACK. He's a totally uninspired singer and acts like a yahoo. I suspect he'll survive further along just because he's a white guy. It's like affirmative action for honkies up in this competition. That explains why carrot-top, John Stevens is still in this running as well. His voice was flatter than his ass, trying to sing Stevie Wonder's "Lately," as if it was a Rat Pack song. Whatever - shit is wack. A blind man could see it.

    Call me a bastard but I'm also totally not feeling George Huff. I agree, he's a totally affable guy but his voice is so thin, I could shave with it. On the other hand, Jasmine...girl is off the chains and I'm not just saying that out of ethnocentric love. I don't really see her as a pop star, but I love listening to her do her thing. Feel that.

    That all said, you know LaToya has this shit on lock.

    I know my man Jeff has the best of intentions but J, Camille is kind of weak sauce. Just because you sound like Lauryn doesn't mean you actually sound like Lauryn, yaoming? And while I don't think Jennifer Hudson oversang, I didn't think she could necessarily sing either. Her voice is better, as Jeff notes, in her inflections but as a sonic quality, I was like, eh. Don't compare her to Aretha. Don't compare none of these women to Aretha. There is no Queen but the Queen.

  • Surreal follow-up to a tragic story. "'Suicide' Beau Tells of Plan to 'Wed" His Dead Love."