Monday, March 15, 2004


forget loving me, just leave me alone

  • Here's the goddamn deal: If you're going to be try to be some wanna-be DJ Danger Mouse and come up with some derivative, eye rollingly hip idea like mixing Weezer with Jay-Z, here's one little piece of advice: quantize your beats, b!tch. Listen to their version of "Threat". The guy who put this together admits that, "I am completely clueless when it comes to rap music" and "I am not a DJ" (no, really?) which, if they are excuses, are pretty weak ones at that for not having your vocals on beat. Dude, it's 2004. I know toddlers who can rock Pro Tools and they can at least figure out how to keep something in rhythm, it's really not that hard. Quit wasting our time otherwise.
    (spotted at bestweekever)

  • F'real - Cocaine Blunts has been mad blunted of late. Not only is he killing it with some hellafied-tastic rap MP3s but he's dropping the news knowledge, yaoming? Here's his latest:
      "Q-Tip called into british dj Gilles Peterson's show (I guess Funk Flex couldn't pull the exclusive?). Not surprisingly, he announced that the on-and-off Tribe reunion is officially off (this week). Maybe it's for the better, "the love movement" tarnished their legacy enough. But can Jarobi fucking eat or what? Tip's currently signed to Interscope where he will be releasing a new album featuring a super impressive lineup of Ghostface, Common, Andre 3000, D'Angelo and Mary J. Blige plus production from Madlib (who Tip calls "really really really super advanced" ha ha ha...). They debut a new track from those sessions, which has an unexpectedly dope beat, but Tip still sounds kinda corny.
    Just as a bonus, they also put me up on this video of Rakim Allah hawking gold teeth. This shit is either really, really funny or really, really sad. Your choice.