Monday, March 01, 2004


  • How can I even try to post up something about the Oscars when Jay Smooth already did it better with his Oscar Haikus. This said, I do have a couple of comments not yet said by Mr. Smooth:
      -Memo to Liv Tyler: either keep the glasses off or on but make up your mind!
      -Sandra Bullock's dress looked like it had a second-stage booster rocket of ruffles attached. Bad look Bullock, for real.
      -Look, I really loved Return of the King but for Best Song too? Jesus, c'mon! Then again, is Annie Lennox not looking good or what?
      -Is Uma starring in some upcoming Russian swashbuckling film? Her dress seemed to indicate so. Sharon called it "a clump of kleenex."
      -Even in a tux, Peter Jackson looks totally schlubby. God bless him.
      -I love Susan Sarandon but honey really needed to get her strap up.
      -,b>Sophia Coppola shouts out Wong Kar-Wai. That royalty check better be getting to Hong Kong soon honey.
      -Adrian Brody's breath spray? Hot shit.
      -With Charlize Theron's win, that's the second African American woman to win Best Actress in the last two years.
      -Sean Penn used to be married to Madonna. The mind reels.
      -Is it me or does the now gaunt Steven Spielberg look exactly like how when South Park lampooned him?

  • "Kidnapped by White Christians"? A Chinese American couple goes to court to reclaim custody of their daughter from the white couple who agreed to adopt her "temporarily." Whoa - this looks to get UGLY. Just to drop a quick editorial note: I'm not inherently against trans-racial adoptions but I am fucking sick of self-righteous White parents who drone on about "well, what kind of life would they have had in [insert your developing Asian nation here]" like they're untouchable saints. Get over yourselves, seriously. You might be giving your adopted Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese, etc. child a better home in terms of class and comfort but wait until their 19, taking Asian American Studies classes and trying to figure out who the hell they are. Then I'll probably end up with them. Great.

  • Also, as someone in academia, it never fails to stun me how incredibly stupid, but candid, university officials can be. Right now, I'm sure the Dean of Admissions at Claremont McKenna is trying to wedge his foot out of his mouth after saying:
      "I would suggest it just might be true that Asian and Asian-American students are sometimes more involved in solitary activities than Latino students or white students... it's more likely that an African-American student did not play the violin but maybe got involved in an athletic team, got involved in debate, got involved in student government, did things that we, in our value system at CMC, perceive to be a more CMCish fit. Leadership, group-oriented extracurricular activities that we feel are perhaps more in-line with our mission."
    I predict that the following may happen: 1) Asian American students will instantly protest Richard Vos (the dean) and believe me, my sister went to a Claremont school and they don't fucking play. 2) Asian parents who spend $20,000/year to send their children to the CMC schools are going to raise a ruckus that will make the Endowment Office turn even whiter with fear. 3) Dean Vos might end up being just Mr. Vos...or how about just Dick...before this whole thing pans out.

    If Vos were dean of anything BUT admissions, he'd stand a better chance of keeping his job but if potential Asian American applicants think Vos is out to deny them entry into the CMC system, shit is going to go nuclear faster than India and Pakistan. I'm not necessarily condoning the entitlement that certain Asian Americans feel towards college enrollment (like the fact that many of "us" don't support affirmative action) but however you feel, if there's one thing that Asian Americans have shown themselves politically capable of, it's going on the rampage if there's a perception of educational discrimination.
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  • Let the banning begin! Rockstar announces Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Bummer - we were all hoping for a Las Vegas-type adventure but this sounds like a Cali cruise. No word yet on if Snoop Dogg does a cameo.

  • On his blog, Joshua Clover aka Jane Dark comments on the nature of blogging. His insights include this thought that gave me pause: "Available anonymity and the lack of editing make the blog a playground for passing and particular intensities, not to mention enduring and grand ones. I am always looking for writing with local intensity. In return, I suffer through (and perhaps create) a portion of superego-free, solipsistic onanism, and micro-grievances disguised as thinking. That's the trade, and it's not just a fair one, but a bargain."

  • I just discovered through and was laughing hilariously at their list of things that God might have been telling Gov. Mike Huckabee when he pretended to take a phone call from the Almighty during a gathering of Republican governors the other week.

  • For real, is Jazzbo sipping on the syzurp or what?

  • Oh snap! Sheep Beats. Bring out your inner Neptune.
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  • This is just too rich: "Hotel heiress Paris Hilton embarrassed herself spectacularly on Saturday when she gatecrashed a pre-Oscar bash and fell into a pool. The reality TV star waltzed into the Lord Of The Rings pre-Academy Awards dinner at New Line Cinema boss Bob Shaye's hilltop estate in Beverly Hills, California."
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