Wednesday, March 03, 2004


bigger than the Beatles? Ok, maybe not.

I'm just going to say this once: f--- all ya'll haters, trying to slow the roll of my man William Hung. I hear some of you jealous losers, trying to salt dude's game but it's all just chit-chatter. I thought I told you that he won't stop.

My students at Cal tell me he's kind of gone diva - soaking up the attention, ignoring folks - and hey, that kind of sucks but when he was on the American Idol bonus show on Monday night, he seemed just as earnest as ever. Ok, maybe the attention has gotten to him but he still handles himself on the really real, you feel me? I mean, it's not an act - he may be a little deluded in thinking he has a singing career but if he's being disingenous, I'll be damned.

Speaking of Idol, this week was kind of wack compared to last, but I'm pulling for Jasmine Trias. Yeah, ethnocentric love and what not but honey could sing. She's no Latoya but hey, who is in this competition right now?