Tuesday, May 04, 2004


  • God has spoken. La Toya London is the Chosen One.
    Did you hear that intro on her second song? She just destroyed everybody with that. The rest of the competition can't hang. Fall back suckers, Oakland's finest is running this.

  • America finally got their act together and gave John Stevens a big, fat, steel-toed boot off the show. Make it right ya'll: this week, it's time for Diana DiGarmo to take that long walk off a short plank. Xtina's pinky clippings have more charisma than this girl. Holla back in 4 years!

  • Memo to Paula: easy on the blush, hon! You hiding zits from HDTV or what?

  • George Huff: I'm back to finding him boring. He's like someone who should have been cast on Ally McBeal back in the day, to sing at the bar, but that's as far as it goes.

  • Jasmine-Uh oh, is it Aloha time for her? The whole of Polynesia (forget just Hawaii) better represent if Trias is to last another week.

  • Fantasia-Good, solid. But she's no La Toya.

  • My man Chris Ryan is on five-alarm fire right now with his basketball blog. I don't care if you don't know the difference between Dr. J and Dr. Pepper - his recent posting (linked above) on Ron Artest is the funniest shit I've read in as long as I can remember. Wreckonize.

  • This was an interesting article about the challenges that Asian-Canadian magazines face. As a veteran of the magazine game on this side of North America, I can appreciate those struggles but I just have to say that Banana and Jasmine (the two magazines the story profiles) are some of the WORST names one could imagine for an Asian-Canadian/American magazine. What, was Jade taken? How about Twinkie?
    (credit: Angry Asian Man)

  • Tarantino helming Bond? Uma a Bond girl? Will this actually happen?

  • For get your run-of-the-mill Kegel exercises. Now it's all about the Kegelmaster 2000. Yeah, 2000 MFers, what you know about that?
    (credit: Pickin' Boogers)

  • J-Shep breaks down the new Olsen Twins movie, New York Minute. Gee, surprisingly, she didn't seem to like it. Go figure.

  • Dave Tompkins interviews Godzilla. This is so next level, heads won't really get it until 2204.
    (credit: SF/J)