Saturday, May 29, 2004


cutmaster, cut faster (image by OW)

As a mixer, J-Rocc is pure poetry in motion. I write about the Beat Junkie in the new, inaugural issue of Scratch Magazine and I caught him tonight at the L.A. Carnival show in San Francisco (too many of ya'll slept but hey, that happens). There are other DJs who just as eclectic with their musical range (Z-Trip) or as proficient in the mix (Cut Chemist) but seriously, I can't think of any other DJ who's as much fun to watch as J-Rocc. As I write in Scratch, "J-Rocc never rests. Fingers twist EQ knobs, touch the platter, grab for the next record and all the while, his whole frame bobs and weaves." He makes mixing seem so damn effortless, even as he plays with songs in endless combinations, remixing on the fly with an inspired, improvisational style. Every party DJ should take a requisite lesson from his mixing approach and while I'm not saying folks should clone his steez, they'd do well to learn how to keep a vibe going while still tackling a profuse and diverse range of music.

when J-Rocc talks, DJs better listen (photo by OW)
  • J-Rocc's discography up through 2002 (yo, someone needs to update!)
  • J-Rocc's Syndromes Remix mix-CD.
  • J-Rocc's Now That's What I Call Hip Hop! Vol. 1"

  • as life flashes by (images courtesy filmbrain)

    Filmbrain reviews one of Pop Life's favorite movies of 2004 so far: Last Life in the Universe.

    AND NOW...

  • Interim Tinyluckygenius poster Miles Raymer has a very funny post up about getting into the inner circle of a local Chicago bartender. Remember, it's better to befriend the big people in low posts than the little people in big posts. Especially when they can ply you with free liquor.

  • In the latest "How to Write On Music," please refer yourself to the latest New Yorker where Sasha discusses Nellie McKay.

  • Eden's on a rampage over at Just One Bite.

  • Godzilla Final Wars? With 10 monsters in the mix, including Mothra and Monster X? Hell yeah.
    (credit: Filmbrain)