Monday, May 03, 2004


Holding Even: Alias-This Rimbaldi shit is wearing so thin, Versace could make a blouse out of it. Meanwhile, they're taking way to long to resolve Lauren's storyline. Either jail her, kill her, whatever but she was 10 minutes ago, 10 minutes ago. Vaughn as The Punisher? No. Vivica Fox's return? Does anyone really care? On the upside, Katja and Jack? Yes. Jack implying Vaughn needs to just whack Lauren? Yes. Sydney getting back at the Dentist? Yes. Lauren with a rocket launcher? Uh, no.

Holding Even: The Shield-We like C.C.H. Pounder. With all the screw ups on this show, can't we have one who doesn't get made to look bad? And Mackey's liason with the dog cop? Yaaawn. I'm just waiting for Aceveda to go on the warpath. Maybe this week.

Upgrade: The Sopranos-The bear is back - love the symbolism. Say goodbye to Johnny Sacks, this dude is so dead, he might as well just knock himself off now. Meanwhile, Meadow and her boyfriend are as exciting as lint (my god, was she always this whiny? And her boyfriend needs a backbone upgrade). Still, you have to love their self-analysis capabilities: "This point is our lives is a transition period, forced on us by external events." This all said, I really didn't see Vito smoking the pole coming down the pipeline. Point goes to David Chase. Meanwhile, Tony and Melfi have their best session in at least two, three seasons. "I'm just a f*cking robot to my own p*ssy ass weakness." Shit is real.

Upgrade:Deadwood-Best goddamn show on television right now. If you don't know, you better ask somebody. There is not one single wasted character; this is ensemble casting at its finest. Calamity Jane is one of my favorite characters ever but she's really just the tip of a dense iceberg of incredible people to follow. If you got HBO On Demand, order the whole season - trust me.

Holding even:Survivor All-Stars-I might have given this an upgrade, especially with how bad ass Shii-Ann has been the last two weeks (Shii-Devil indeed!) but now that it's becoming incredibly obvious that Rob and Amber are going to make the final two, it kind of takes the fun out of watching. Rob deserves to be there because he's been a wily, backstabbing bastard but what has Amber done besides look cute and innocuous?

Holding even: Angel-Much as I enjoyed watching Eleria kick demon ass (not to mention temporary kill the entire cast) last week, her learning-how-to-accept-being-(semi)human story arc is starting to wear down fast. While I'm glad they're keeping Fred around in body (though not spirit), she's becoming more of a distraction than addition. I never thought I'd say this but I want more brooding vampire, less brooding demi-god.

Upgrade: The Shield-Mac is back. 'Nuff said. (That plus Shane is soooo screwed).


As a proud member of the iPod nation, I finally figured out how to create a so-called "smart playlist" that identified my most played selections. I wrote in an earlier entry that despite having 2051 songs (slightly over 5 DAYS worth of music) loaded onto my 10GB iPod, I usually only ended up playing the same handful of songs over and over. I've long been curious to know which songs those were but never really bothered to breakdown the info but now that I finally did, here are the results for the top #24. Suffice to say, not what I expected at all:


1. Rufus Wainwright
Go Or Go Ahead

9. Rufus Wainwright
Oh What A World

17. Beatles
Happiness Is A Warm Gun

2. Rufus Wainwright
My Phone's On Vibrate For You

10. Rufus Wainwright

18. Beatles
I'm So Tired

3. Beatles
Martha My Dear

11. Beatles
Long, Long, Long

19. Ghostface Killah
The Sun feat. Reakwon, Slick Rick, & Rza

4. Beatles
I Will

12. Erma Franklin
Piece of My Heart

20. Jay Z
December 4

5. Superlatives
I Don't Know Why

13. The Beach Boys
Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)

21. Rufus Wainwright
Comlainte De La Butte

6. Alicia Keys
You Don't Know My Name

14. Beatles
Dear Prudence

22. Rufus Wainwright
Vicious World

7. Beatles

15. Beatles
Mother Nature's Son

23. Rufus Wainwright
14th Street

8. Beatles
Sexy Sadie

16. Rufus Wainwright
Across the Universe

24. Alicia Keys
If I Ain't Got You

The Breakdown:

Beatles = 9 (highest rank #3)
Rufus Wainwright = 8 (highest rank #1)
Everything else = 7
Hip-Hop artists = 2 (highest ranking #19)

Damn, this might just get my rap pass revoked.


I'm not surprised to read this but it's still kind of can't seem to put two high-profile women together without the claws coming out. From IMDB:
    "Beyonce Knowles and Alicia Keys are reportedly on bad terms on their current Ladies First Tour - because both are grappling for star billing. The Destiny's Child star is apparently furious many critics have said Keys "steals the show", whilst Alicia is reportedly unhappy that Beyonce features far more prominently on the promotional posters for the extravaganza. A source tells Britain's "Heat" magazine, "There's barely a word exchanged between the two of them and their entourages are purposely kept separate. Beyonce is the tour headliner and Alicia feels as if she's being treated like a second class citizen." The source adds the disputes between the pop pair have got increasingly petty: "One argument between the two camps was whose bus was going to be closer to the back stage door, a distance of 40 feet at most."
Just for the record, Alicia gets my vote for more talent but she's gotta know in this hive, Beyonce is Queen B.


  • Once again, Angry Asian Man comes through: Martin Turenne offers up an excellent analysis comparing Jin with William Hung. Yet again, it takes someone outside the API community to offer some sensible criticism for a change.

  • Thong Song appreciations. From a new blog I just discovered: Tuba City.

  • I forget where I saw this, but Christian fundamentalists are getting mad wily. This Dinosaur Adventure Land was created with the expressed purpose of reconciling the Creationism Myth with the evolutionary evidence raised by dinosaur remains. From their homepage:
      "You will discover:
       How awesome the world used to be and how it will be again very soon!
       Dinosaurs in the Bible and history!
       Dinosaurs alive today!
       Amazing fossil discoveries. See them yourself!"
    Be scurred, be very very scurred.

  • Last, and probably least, here's yours truly popping off in an interview graciously conducted by the folks at Half Time Online.