Thursday, July 08, 2004


Just to show that there are some folks who've kept their wits about them re: the Beastie Boys:

Here's my review of the new album.

This is what Jon Caramanica had to say about it.

And Nate Patrin unloads on 'em too.

Nate's got the best zingers: "the Beastie Boys sound completely and utterly alone in their own cavernous, isolated boho loft, with nothing to keep them company but their Money Mark action figures." Jon's dropping the ill insights: "Stopping the clock would mean acknowledging that it's still ticking, and making progress would be an admission of defeat. Or worse, of trying too hard." I managed to get the Beasties' age wrong by noting that they were all over 40, when, in fact, none of them are. Oops upside my head.