Friday, July 16, 2004


(Thanks to Hua, Joey and Dave for the Corner Bistro roundtable to unpack this)

Note: This is why one shouldn't blog when you're not fully conscious. I forgot to mention: Three Sinister Syllables are a bunch of cut n' paste producers from the UK who just dropped their first album. Juno Records has sound clips of their music - you can see, or er, hear that their visual and musical styles are based on the same kind of chop/splice aesthetic.

For those of you who've tried to catalog where each of these letters are from, here's the crib sheet. Thanks for corrections that people sent via the comments - I have a shoddy memory and got the first "T" and last "E" wrong. At this point, I'm (fairly) sure we've got this thing on lock.

T = T La RockJust Ice
H = Nice and Smooth
R = Reality
E = Necro

S = Slick Rick
I = OC's Word Life
N = Brand Nubian
I = De La Soul's Three Feet High and Rising
S = Fresh
T = Street Beat
E = Relativity
R = Gang Starr

S = Sugar Hill
Y = Tuff City
L = Public Enemy
L = Black Sheep
A = A Tribe Called Quest
B = Steady B
L = Company Flow
E = Cold Chillin B-Boy Records
S = Ultramagnetic MCs