Friday, July 02, 2004


seen at The Pnuthouse

  • I'm going to rip off a quick page from Hua's steeze: overheard at mynewfavoriteplacever, NYC ICY last night: [huge roar from bar across Avenue B] Me: what was that about? Them: "The Yankees just almost pulled off a triple play. Even if the Yankees lose, God hates the Red Sox." Yup, that's pretty much on point.

  • Pop Life enjoyed breakfast with H and Sasha Frere-Jones yesterday where PL was forced to defend the worth of Kanye West's videos but SF/J regaled us with tales from his adventures in fatherdom. We all agreed, baseball jerseys for kids = cutest thing ever. By the way, for fans of SF/J's music, he's back in the st-st-studio this week recording. Rumors of a Lil Jon, Neptunes collaboration cannot be corroborated at this time but I hear Kim's will start stocking the mixtape very soon. Streets is watching.

  • Pop Life also enjoyed lunch with H, Ego Trip's Chairman Mao and the one and only Steinski. When I wasn't busy trying to figure out how to copy Mao's record shelfing design (anyone know a good, inexpensive carpenter in the Bay Area?), I was listening to him breakdown the upcoming three new episodes of Ego Trip's Race-a-Rama series which kicked off earlier this spring. Race in your face!

  • Pop Life promises to stop name-dropping but just one more: PL caught dinner at the infamous Corner Bistro the other night with Jazzbo, H, and Dave Tompkins (what up fam!) and Jazzbo busted out the new CD from Three Sinister Syllables. Follow the link and you'll see that the CD cover is made up of different letters taken from rap albums and singles. For the next 10 minutes, the four of us played a rousing game of, "wait, where is that from...oh yeah, that's the "B" from Steady B." As Sharon would say, "NERDS!" but it was still fun.

  • Just because there's not enough cartoons feaeturing the Chipmunks as thug rappers...

  • Vivica Fox puts 50 Cent on blast. I'm sure, somewhere in here, were some mighty good finersnaps just for accent.