Friday, July 09, 2004


reach out and get touched

I am constantly in awe of photographer/designer Eugene Kuo of 226 Design. I was first introduced to his amazing photographic travelogues by his cousin, Hua (how scary is that family?) and ever since, I'm just constantly blown away by his mesh of visual image with an ultra-clean Flash interface. I mean, my idea of design is to create photoblogs in Blogger and use the Minima template. Kuo goes all out and mixes up his approaches with each travelogue.

Kuo's Three Months In China is hard to top - the integration of text and image is flawless. But then you see Four Weeks in the Four Corners of Sri Lanka and think, "damn, that's really good too." Not to mention My Girlfriend is an Airline Stewardess: Thanksgiving in Japan. Most recently is his B&W album from The Middle East. Stunning.

road to ruin