Friday, July 30, 2004


wait for the phat farm jumpsuit

  • Baby Phat's Kimora Lee (aka Russell Simmons' wife) might be a diva-supreme but you can't front on how she cheeses up her mugshot like it's a fashion shoot.

  • "Money, Sex and Happiness: An Empircal Study". Chew on this - in measuring people's happiness, UK researchers have determined that 1) more money does NOT equal more sex and 2) more sex makes people happier than more money. If you go from having sex once a month, to once a week, that's equal to a jump of $50,000/year in income, at least on a happiness level. So...if that means you're having sex daily, do you feel like a millionaire?

  • "120,000 paws" and rising.

  • ESPN's Vengeance Scale. My only beef is the Count of Monte Cristo, on a scale of 1-10, is pretty much 11 when it comes to stone cold vengeance. And where is The One-Armed Swordsman up on hurr? That was one mad cat too.
    (credit: Catchdubs)

  • Tired of spam? So is's J-Smooth who straight up banned the Alchemist from his site for using "blog comment spam". Let the battles begin.

  • Speaking of which, all is not friendly in Harlem World. Dipset and Mase got beef. Listening to Camron talk shit is a source of endless entertainment. He's like an entire barbershop rolled up into a single person.
    (credit: Royal Magazine)