Tuesday, July 13, 2004


she not dirty girl

Sharon is working with Asian Women United to update their 1988 documentary, Slaying the Dragon. As part of AWU's process, they releaesd a survey in February asking people about their impressions of Asian women in the media.

The results are in. I wouldn't call these surprising but certainly, some quotes pop out:
    "(My impression of Asian women is that) they are little sluts, hoes, bitches and all of that because they dress like school girls with the dress and the socks that go to your knees. And that they are hoes.”
    (Ed: Daaaaamn)

    “(Asian women) always look like hot school girl slaves, which, I feel is demeaning.”
    (Ed: Whoa, white dude with consciousness - but I can't help but feel like he added the "demeaning" part as an afterthought. It's hard to use the words "hot school girl slaves" without sounding like that's a good thing)

    “Every time I hear about Asian girls I hear that they’re really freaky.”
    (Female/14/White/Mexican/Italian/ Persian/Many more)
    (Ed: word?)

    “I’m not personally offended by the way Asian American women are portrayed; a bit disappointed, perhaps, because the world doesn’t see how amazing most Asian women are. But I must admit that I am more often annoyed that many of these female Asian characters often hook up with white guys in the movies at the expense of the Asian male. However, much of my frustration is attributed to 20-something stupid guy ego shit than to the politics of assimilation”
    (Male/Vietnamese/ 22)
    (Ed: at least he's honest)

    “I would LOVE to see an Asian rebel girl. Ha ha, that’d be great. Mebbe a smoker/drinker, listens to hardcore metal or emo or something. Basically someone so far out there, so extremely distant from the stereotypes that it makes other people so ‘Whoa...is that possible?’”
    (Male/22/Korean American)
    (Ed: emo?)