Monday, July 19, 2004



  • Found Magazine: Watch what you throw away. Or in this case, you can watch what other people threw away. Love this stuff.
    (credit: Audamn)

  • Linda Rondstant = Dixie Chick 2004.

  • How big is this going to get? Build Your Own Superhero.
    (credit: Quarterwit - see, no hate ya'll)

  • You birthday is coming up in August. I'm just saying.

  • As usual, Jay Smooth is on point like sewing needles. He asks the burning media/race question of the day: why can't a black male lead be romantically involved with a white woman? (Real talk here kiddies. How many examples can you think of from the last 5 years, quick!) Latest example is I, Robot, where Will Smith goes love-less. Not like Will Smith isn't getting enough loving elsewhere but it's the principle.

  • This is real gangsterism: CBS does not play.

  • For reals: Bobby Fisher is nuts. Sorry chess fans, but you're #1 hero is an anti-Semitic, paranoid loony.

  • I'm not sure what this does but that lady on the left is sure creeeeeepy.
    (credit: Pickin' Boogers)