Friday, August 27, 2004


  • Greek fans booing during the gymnastics competition to protest the low score given Alexei Nemov? Very hot. An amazing moment. Greek fans booing during the beginning of the men's 200m? Very wack. Look - don't be salty that your boy fucked up. In this case, hate the player, not the Games.

  • I'm not even a soccer fan really but respect due to the U.S. women's team. Two Olympic golds, two World Cup championships, the same core team. Amazing.

  • Paul Hamm needs to fall back. Just to put this in really convoluted perspective: basically Paul Hamm is the declared winner even though technically, he didn't win the popular vote. Hmm...sound familiar?

  • I like Jeremy Wariner too and yes, I'm sure many were surprised that a white man won the 200m dash, but really, what was the Chicago Tribune thinking, running a headline that said, "White Tornado"? Dumb, but not as dumb as when the SF Chronicle ran a headline during the Winter Olympics that read "American Beats Kwan".