Friday, September 24, 2004


It's been a busy week here - here's some things to think about for the weekend.

  • So...I was a little skeptical about this whole Dave-Chappelle-Block-Party thing but now that I've read how it went off, I'm bummed I didn't make it. It's not like I'm the biggest Fugees fan ever but to see Lauryn rip it up, vs. doing her bad Tracy Chapman impression? Yeah, I can deal with that.

    By the way, this is long, but ?uestlove - who directed the party in essence - wrote a long summary of the event for the Okayplayer boards but since they never stay around very long, I cut n' pasted it for posterity. Great read - I love this guy's passion and enthusiasm (not to mention candor).

  • For those looking for a hot new investment tip: Bomb Sniffing Dogs
    (courtesy: Marketplace)

  • For those who find child-rearing just a little too taxing, China's got a perfect solution: Kindergarten boarding school.
    (courtesy: Pacific Time)

  • Coolfer offers some common sense consumer tips on buying music in our brave new world.

  • Alicia Keys, Boyz II Men...and...Cyndi Lauper(?) play the Great Wall of China? That is one strange line-up.

  • Our good friend, Elizabeth Mendez Berry, on a mother protesting the war.

  • Our esteemed colleague Tony Green, on R. Kelly's new album.

  • Awwdamn on the evils of Rich Guy Rock.

  • HipHopImages.Com, photography by Chi Modu. This one of Biggie, standing in front of the Twin Towers is beyond easy words.

  • Our man in LA, Piotr heps us to this story: TATU Producer Angers Russia With Suicide Bomber Singer. They so crazy over there in Russia!

  • Julianne runs into an Olsen, lives to tell.

  • Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage's Sean Feezy unloads all over Talib Kweli and Jean Grae's respective new albums: duck down Sean! Just wait for your on wax diss. That reminds me: vinyl copies of Jean's Bootleg of the Bootleg sold out quicker than hot cakes but, you can still pick up a new 12" that has all her freestyles off that EP, including the "U Don't Know" version that has Jean kicking O-Dub crazy love!

    By the way, Sean's blog has been off the proverbial heezy of late. Recognize. (But dude, Madvillain isn't all that. Rap record of a year belongs to Kanye.)

  • Antoinette and Antoine go to White Castle, but this isn't a comedy.
    (credit: Funkdigi)

  • Budding rap journalists? Holla at

  • Would you like to be a P.I.M.P. scholar? This is both ill and sad in the same moment. Nelly needs to fall back.
    (credit: Pickin' Boogers)

  • G.I. Joe: remixed.
    (credit: HHH)

  • Got beef? If not, then go get it - DJ Vlad and P. Cutta collabo.