Tuesday, September 14, 2004


revolutionary rhythms

A little horn toot-toot-ing: I didn't realize this until today but Pop Life has been one of Blogger's "featured blogs" now since 8/30. Danke to the folks at Blogger for the nod.

More recently though, Rolling Stone threw their ephemeral spotlight onto Pop Life's sister site, Soul Sides in a story that posted to the WWW last week and then this week, the print version appeared.

Lessons learned:
    1) Damn, I have a big head and my hairline is leaning back like Fat Joe and the Terror Squad.
    2) I'm checking my mailbox daily to see if RIAA's subpoena has come through yet.
    3) I would not have thought my first appearance in RS would be as a subject and not as an author. Jann - holla at your boy about your next Halle Berry cover story.

By the way...thanks to the beauty that is Technorati.com, I discovered that there is evidently an English course at UNC-Chapel Hill that is dealing in what I surmise to be electronic media or something of the like. As part of the assignment, students create blogs of their own (I think) and in addition, are assigned to write about existing blogs. So far, two students, Gina Neari and Rich Graven have chosen Pop Life as their subject of study. Personally, I'm well-nigh fascinated to know what they're going to end up writing though I may have ruined the objectiveness of their study by commenting on it. Oops.