Sunday, September 19, 2004


  • Gary Shandling: decent jokes but there's something about his hosting that just feels really awkward. They seriously couldn't find someone a little fresher to host this than him?

  • Chris Noth's proposal to Sarah Jessica was bizarre. WTF? Good to see them together though.

  • Frasier wins. Yawn. Jeffrey Tabor robbed.

  • Christopher wins - deservedly beating out Steve Buscemi (who was boooooring on the Sopranos). Shout out to Nancy Marchand! I still think Ian McShane wuz robbed, you c***suckers.

  • Like whoa - Cynthia Nixon wins, thereby beating all the expectations that the SITC gals would cancel each other out.

  • The orchestra needs to go easy on their "wrap it up" theme. What do people have - like 10 seconds - to thank everyone?

  • Laura Linney = tasty hot. And Turturro is looking pretty sharp. Teri and Jim = not so much.

  • Arrested Development = 2/3 (so far). Now will more people start watching this show? Pretty please? Plus Horowitz was killing it on stage. Couldn't they get him to host?

  • Adrianna wins, yes! I guess getting whacked this season wasn't so bad after all.

  • Deadwod wins, yes! I'd make another c***sucker joke right now but I already did above.

  • I still have Angels in America on my Tivo. Still haven't watched a second of it. Might need to start. But hey, Mos Def gets props! But dude, the orchestra needs to fall back. You don't cut someone off when they're trying to talk about the AIDS epidemic among African Americans.

  • Memo to Louis Horowitz: de-caff, son! And Elaine Stritch: never saw your show but I think I just did. Off the hook!

  • Mariska is looking very Charlize tonight.

  • William Shatner + Sharon Stone, together. Oddly appropriate.

  • It's cool that Chapelle's Show got nominated all over the place but it's not grown enough yet to win.

  • For once, the critics got it right: The Amazing Race wins (again). Take that Donald!

  • Notice: Al Pacino didn't get the orchestra push off. Being The Master has its privileges. Apparently, Sarah Jessica Parker is not afforded the same love though.

  • Thank god Frasier is over - maybe someone else will get a chance now. Too late for John Ritter though. And how did Ritter get left off the In Memoriam segment? Was he on last year's or what?

  • James Spader knocks off Tony Soprano - like whoa.

  • Meryl Streep wins. Big surprise. But damn - she got the orchestra brush off! What's up with that? Pacino can yammer on and Meryl gets the symphonic boot?

  • Arrested Development, yeah! But yo - Howard and Glazer have such contrasting hair styles, it's like a joke, right?

  • Wait, the Sopranos has never won before? And why for this season, it's snooziest to date?

    And oh yeah, The Wire, Season 3 launched tonight. Recognize fools. Drug dealers are using Robert's Rules - that's next level. "Adjourn your asses."

    Season 1 is about to drop in October on DVD. Be there and learn.