Wednesday, September 15, 2004


professor of slanguistics

  • I love living in San Francisco but the Sunday Chronicle Magazine isn't really about to take it to the New York Times Magazine, especially not when they have articles on the history of "izzle". E40's finest moment, no deezy, fah sheezy.

    But um, Kathleen E. Miller - much as I appreciated your essay, your statement here: "Most people (other than hard-core fans) don't picture Northern California as a hotbed of rap music, but rap actually thrives in the Bay Area" makes the rest of us wince. Hard-core fans are not the only ones to have heard of a lil' guy named Too Short. Or Digital Underground. Remember MC Hammer? And Masta P got his start here too. And how about MUTHAF-IN TUPAC? I'm just trying to make the (obvious) point that rap has thrived here since practically Day One and it han't remotely been a secret to anybody...except for maybe 50 year olds living in the Upper East Side crowd but I think even some of them must know what's up.

    Can I get an amen? Make that an amizzle.

  • Streetball is hot. So hot that even NPR recognizes. I heard on KQED's fundraising drive that they were offering And1 video mixtapes with new subscriptions. (Ok, not really).

  • Another Ramone gets sedated. Permanently that is.

  • The guys behind the F***NewYork video.

  • Is Josh Clover shilling for Old Navy? Everytime I read his blog, I keep wanting to go buy cargo pants.

  • Kobe, Kobe, Kobe... Maybe you're not guilty of rape but if this Sports Illustrated story is true, you are a total embarassment. I hope Shaq destroys you next season (and I don't even like Shaq).
    (credit: Can't Stop, Won't Stop)

  • Provided, these Crip walk instructions are pretty damn funny. But yo, Hashim: dude is Japanese. I'm Chino. Don't get it twisted.