Wednesday, September 08, 2004


be afraid. be very, very afraid

  • We (not the royal "we" but S and I) spent the weekend down at S's sister Diane's house in Hermosa Beach where, in between doing home entertainment system wiring for Di and marveling at the device which is the Airport Express, we were introduced to the magic that is the Miss Clairol Try-It-On-Studio. Hours of entertainment, guaranteed. Give yourself that mullet you always wanted. See what new locks would look like on your cat: go wild.

  • Ok, just to get serious - some of you may have heard that Jamaican dancehall giant Beenie Man was banned from MTV's VMAs because of his virulent homophobic comments. The New York Times Kalefah Sanneh wrote on the issue over the weekend and Jeff Chang offers his own cogent thoughts on the issue too.

  • More good thoughts to ponder: Josh Clover on the symbolic import of...cargo pants (and no, this is not some ad for Old Navy). This is good stuff, believe that.

  • Given that I don't DJ as much as I'd like to (blame that lil thing called my dissertation), it's good to know I can just live vicariously through Triple H's trials and tribulations at Cambridge's Enormous Room.

  • HHH also put me up on the London Dipset video. Camron and the Diplomats have elevated ignorance to some next level tip: this is priceless and timeless. Jim Jones needs to lay off the liquor, f'real. Actually, all these cats need to stay sober.

  • One of my favorite audioblogs, Cocaine Blunts has finally gotten down with its own domain name. Now if only Noz could figure out how to turn on his site feed.

  • Seriously, that's like my #1 gripe with blogs I like: it's not rocket science people: turn on your damn site feeds! Lazy people like who depend on and similar programs depend on your ability to turn this very simple feature on via your blogging program. Nick, you listening mang?

  • Speaking of Catchdubs, I spotted this over at his site. I'm not sure what the hell this is for but homegirl is off the third rail.

  • For weeks, I've been wondering the question on everyone's mind: where the F have the Neptunes been? Pharrell and Chad Hugo had pop music on LOCK one summer ago but this solstice, all you've heard is Fat Joe doing the Rockaway, Jadakiss asking "why?", and Juve rolling in slow motion. Are the 'Tunes too busy designing sneakers with Bathing Ape to lace us with some beats? Oh wait, here's one to roll too.

  • I'm not remotely one to criticize, but isn't a blog by a New York escort so 2003? I mean, really.
    (credit: Different Kitchen)

  • Nas' "Thief's Theme" remix = weaksauce.
    (credit: Pickin' Boogers)