Friday, September 03, 2004


(I can't be the first to make that pun, right?)

Pop Life has largely avoided the RNC this week because, well, we have very little tolerance for bullshit. As an equal opportunity sponsor, let it be noted that PL also largely avoided the DNC too for the exact same reason though we will say:

Obama in 2012. Hooooo!

Anyways, the backlash against Zell Miller, i.e. the Georgia senator who is technically a democrat but sounds straight republican, including shilling for G-Dub on Wed. night, has been hilarious to watch.

First of all, Hua mentioned that on Chris Matthews' Hardball, Matthews had put Miller so far on the defensive that Zell challenged Matthews to a duel. TO A DUEL. WTF? Is this 1804 up in here? Zell would have been far more gangsta if he had just grabbed his sack, said, "I got your hard balls right here, MFer" and bounced off camera. Instead, Mr. Miller let himself get punk'd and acted the fool to try to make up the difference. Remember Zell: bad boys move in silence.
(Mind you, I trust Matthews about as far as I could throw that portly pundit but it's nice to see the right get BBQed in the same way the left typically gets roasted. Just to be fair and balanced, y'know.)

Then I saw on The Pnuthouse that even the GOP think Zell's off the deep end, going as far to disinvite him from sitting with the President's family during G-Dub's speech on Thursday. Keep in mind: Miller was the keynote on Wed. night and in less than 24 hours, his speech managed to get him booted out of the inner circle. Dissed and dismissed. Sucker.
(Junichi gets extra points for this line on his blog: "One of the featured speakers was once-pro-segregationist Senator Zell Miller, a turncoat Democrat, who unbeknownst to me, is the cadaverous love-child of one of the zombies in 28 Days Later and Emperor Palpatine from Return of the Jedi." Who's to argue?

Here's the thing: on paper, Zell seems like a dream for the GOP: a guy who (as many have reported) gave a keynote speech for Clinton in 1992 and has now turned from the ranks of his party to bat for the other team (I'm mixing metaphors but deal with it). What people forget is: no one really likes a traitor, especially one who's STILL IN THE VERY PARTY HE'S UNDERMINING. It'd be one thing for Zell to bounce out of the Democratic ranks and join the GOP. At least that'd be an honest transition. But it seems mad shady to stay in the Democratic party and then start dropping lump lumps on them. After all, if you're so willing to betray your old friends, who's to say you won't do the same with your new friends?

I was kind of hoping that Zell was some kind of Trojan horse - pretending to be down with the GOP, but using his access to blow up their spot and ridicule Bush. Now THAT would have been one of the illest political moves ever. But as it turns out, Zell's just a back-stabber. Oh well.