Monday, November 08, 2004


President Bush repeatedly promised that he wouldn't bring back the draft but that hasn't stopped the Pentagon from calling up every possible reserve member it can, including some folks who haven't been on active military duty in over a dozen years.

The case of David Miyasato, a Gulf War veteran, may potentially challenge the military's new "stop loss" program which as close to a pseudo-draft as they can get. This case has personal ramifications as Miyasato just happens to be the cousin of Jeff Chang, no stranger to fighitng the good fight. Stay tuned to this one: if Miyasato wins his case in federal court, it will create some serious problems for Bush and Rummy's Iraq policy especially at a time where it seems like the U.S. military is desperate for anyone they can drag back into uniform?

Will "no draft" prove to be Dubya's equivalent of "read my lips, no new taxes"?


Petty haters need to quit playing themselves by filling my email box with nonsense. Straight up, I'm just trashing any and everything sent my way that hints at uncivility. If folks disagree with me, learn how to comment or better yet get your own blog and shout as loud as you want.


Cal (#4 BCS, #5 AP, #6 USA Today, holla!) needs a new place-kicker. Badly. Apparently, they're having open tryouts later this week. Couldn't be too soon.