Wednesday, November 03, 2004


four fear more years
(credit: pnuthouse)

All there is to do now is wait for the 1,001 pundits to roll out their theories on "what happened?" I'm not belittling the post-analysis, I want to know too. Apologies to Obama (congrats though for the win) but from where I sit, we do live in two Americas - I don't care if you call 'em red or blue states but I couldn't be more ideologically and politically opposed to what the Bush administration and that brilliant Rasputi...I mean Rove stands for and now I get to sit back and watch the GOP try to turn back the clock on everything from abortion to gay marriage to civil rights to social services, etc. It almost makes one nostalgic for Reagan and the Cold War.

Anyways, some food for thought today:
    1) From the NY Times:


    2) So much for the youth vote. I don't blame them for Bush's win. Not completely. But sincerely? All you 18-34 year olds who didn't vote: fuck you. Take it personal.

    3) Bush: The Second Half.'s bleak assessment. My queer as folk, folk: don't start that registry yet. Women: ready your coat hangers. Darwin: fall back.

    4) It wasn't all bad news...oh no, wait. Yeah, I guess it was. 11 states pass legislation barring gay marriage, including an Ohio amendment that might even ban domestic partnerships. It's amazing that such blatant bigotry is thriving in 2004 and this is just a harbinger for what to come. ACLU better get those lawsuits ready quick fast before Bush creates a Supreme Court of all Thomases and Scalias.

    4) A lot of folks are joking about moving to Canada and while I'm a fan of our socialist nation to the north, now, more than ever, it's important for the hurt, upset and angry to stay around. I'm not as cynical as I sound (or feel). America will ride this out but good god are the next four years going to be one ugly fight and we're going to need every advocate on the street to stay right hurr and gear the fuck up. Capitulation is not an option.

    5) Obama in '08!