Monday, February 28, 2005


time to call the butcher

This is a developing story...

"50 Cent Calls Game Disloyal, Kicks Him Out Of G-Unit" (

Now, this is pretty crazy as it is. Apparently, 50 was mad at the Game because he refused to adopt 50's beef with...apparently, everybody. I mean, who ISN'T 50 dissing right now? I think Jay-Z has avoided the hate but Fat Joe, Nas, Jadakiss, Dipset, etc. What's next? The "Piggy Bank" remix where 50 calls out Jean Grae and Aesop Rock?

But this next story just takes crazy to a whole new level:

"50 Cent cohort shot outside Hot 97" (

Haven't we been here before?

Time to speed dial the FOI, get that peace treaty on.

As usual, J-Smooth is up on this.

Question: Seriously, WTF is up with 50 these days? I shouldn't be surprised that the artist who gave us "How To Rob" and made bulletproof vests a couture item is open to beefing with anybody and everybody but unless he's really looking to get A) shot at (oops, too late) or B) alienated from every artist in the industry (G-Unit excepted...oops, too late), it seems that 50's off his rocker right now.

What doesn't help is that his new album - besides having one of the most unintentionally laughable covers in rap music history - is rather mediocre. It's not wack, but for all of 50's purported perfectionism, he seems to just recycle his own ideas for The Massacre, but only with half the charm of his original. I don't hate "Candy Shop" but c'mon, it's a C-rate clone of "Magic Stick," just like "Disco Inferno," is "In Da Club," warmed over. There's a few decent tracks off the new CD but for the most part, 50 sounds like he's treading water.

If 50 needed something to shake up the news and get his name out there, I suppose this was one way to do it but I don't seem this playing out very well. To quote Julio G:
    "You canít talk shit out here [L.A.]. Iím starting to hear [rappers from outside of Cali] get gangsterÖitís funny, itís cool but half them fools, if they came out here, popping that shit and lived in L.A.? They wouldnít be round here. N----s take that shit serious, you canít be running around, talking about, ďIím going to throw my rag up.Ē What rag is that? From what hood? Thatís what theyíre going to do. This here is serious gang bang rap. You got to be careful."

(thanks to Kris for keeping me in the loop)