Monday, February 07, 2005


Another Game, Another Malfunction

In case you haven't read the post below or suffer from short term memory loss, Pop Life is temporarily under new management.

What happened to O-Dub? He's spending time with his family, and by "Family," I don't mean the evangelical sex cult profiled in today's Chronicle.

Rather, he's spending time with his new family. In case you haven't heard, Oliver is now the father to a beautiful baby girl.

What does this mean? Yes ... it's true: Oliver Wang is no longer a virgin.

But it also means that he'll be gone for awhile, adjusting to fatherhood. As such, he's unwisely handed over the reins to me so that I can destroy his Pop Life empire by posting gratuitous areolas, literally and metaphorically, thereby shrinking readership and igniting FCC investigations. So until O-Dub cuts off this umbilical cord, I'm guest-blogging for him.

I've known O-Dub -- or, as I've always called him, Daddy -- since the mid-1990s when we were both undergraduates at UC Berkeley, listening to Oaktown's 3.5.7 and sporting bike pants. We both lived in the same residence hall: Haste-Channing, now known as Cleary Hall, where we'd stay up late making mixtapes while avoiding the regular delivery of swirlies, noogies, and wedgies by dorm bullies.

I remember when Oliver earned his nickname "O-Dub" because he was always busy dubbing bootleg performances of O-Town, before they blew up and became a third-rate *NSync.

I hesitate to further enlarge O-Dub's already voluminous head, but I must admit that I consider him one of my few role models. We both teach classes at UC Berkeley now, but he's always 347.58% more productive than me and, perhaps, everybody else. Lucky for us, now he'll be spending most of his days changing diapers and remedying butt rashes, as well as attending to his new-born daughter.

So I hope to use this time to catch up to Mr. Wang. Perhaps one day, he will be the Wang to my Chung. But more likely, we'll just live the rest of our lives being the William to his Hung. Or the Jan Brady to his Tom Brady.