Wednesday, March 30, 2005


(by Oliver)

sure to be in the next Bond film

1. More proof that the internet is awesome. The directory isn't 100% complete but anywhere you can look up production credits for, say, All City's Metropolis Gold or over 100 Just Blaze songs - that's not bad.

2. This might be old but just in time for the first day of baseball: Boston Red Sox/Mastercard Parody.

3. So RadioShark is like...Tivo for radio? Ok, I'm with that.

4. However, the iBeam is just plain silly.

5. Apparently, I went to the wrong state school.

6. If Suge didn't have money problems before, he does now.

7. Why Terri and not Jerry? God works in mysterious ways. (Speaking of which - I'm normally down with Jesse, but seriously, what is he doing in Florida?