Saturday, April 02, 2005


(by Oliver)

you're telling me

So...I'm spinning at the Handsome Boy Modeling School show @ the Fillmore tonight. I'm posted up in the upstairs lounge and as one might expect from a show feat. Handsome Boy plus Buck 65 on the bill - white people are out in full force (the title of the last HBMS album becomes more ironic every moment).

Anyways, one white dood comes up to me, during my set:
"Hey man - you're Kid Koala, right?"
*Momentary blank stare* "Uh, no. He's actually shorter and doesn't wear glasses."
*Not missing a beat* "Oh, ok. You're spinning some good tunes. Keep it up bro." Extends his knuckles so I can tap fists.


By the way - as much as I enjoyed the last Handsome Boy album and as much as I respect Prince Paul and Dan...their act just doesn't translate that well to the stage. Most of the "performers" were cartoon representations (such as the Rza, De La Soul - even Del, even though he's local!). Casual came out to perform but frankly, I was tired/bored enough that I headed home after about 40 minutes into their set, hopefully sparing myself of other yahoos who might have confused me with Kid Koala/Q-Bert/Chad Hugo/etc.