Tuesday, April 05, 2005


(by Junichi)

David Smith accepts the Congressional Medal of Honor on behalf of his father, who was killed in Iraq.

All I know is that if I were an eleven-year-old boy and the President - who sent my Dad to die in a senseless war - started getting fresh with my mom, I would punch him in the nuts.

I also appreciate the above photo because of the daughter's body language: "Mom, stop kissing that creep."

At least Sgt. Smith's poshtumous award is understandable.

I still can't comprehend how El Presidente awarded the three amigos responsible for this mess -- General Tommy Franks (who oversaw the initial invasion of Iraq), former CIA Director George Tenet (who seemingly invented the lies about WMDs), and Administrator Paul Bremer (the primary architect of the current chaos) -- the Presidential Medal of Freedom, as opposed to the Presidential Medal of Unconscionable Stupitude.