Monday, April 11, 2005


(by Oliver)

it's what's next

So here's the big change I've been teasing folks about...

I'm closing down Pop Life and joining forces with Junichi to start up a new blog -

Same combination of pop and politics discussions.
Same minds who made both Pop Life and The Pnuthouse the internet's top-rated blogs*
Same bull@(#! spouted daily (more or less).

For those wondering "why?"...for me, it made sense for Junichi and I to join forces. We have similar interests but different styles that I think complement each other fairly well. And since we both had our own blogs going in, it also made more sense to create a new one rather than have one or the other of us close our own to join the other.

Plus, just to be real about this - I got my hands crazy full as a new stay at-home dad (SAHD indeed) and much as I like blogging on Pop Life (in lieu of, you know, something actually productive), I just can't sustain the same output that I used to before certain things popped up. Or out if you really want to get technical about it. Group blogging might just be the wave of the future (or so I've heard it's been predicted). Either way, it gives me a space to keep on musing but without the pressures of churning out content on a manic schedule.

Pop Life will still stay up as an archive but this will be the last post to grace these pages. Thanks to everyone out there who's supported over the last two years. Please update your bookmarks and blog rolls to Poplicks.

My very best,


*"Top rated" = among a poll of our significant others...though even between them, our sites still ranked behind Go figure.