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Wednesday, November 07, 2001


from the entrance to a Seattle antique mall

I had been tempted to create a daily log, akin to a personal diary online, until I started reading through a few and I realized that I'd actually rather not put my personal life in a public forum for all to read. That plus the vast majority of them come off as inexcusably self-indulgent.

(For an excellent exception to the above, check out Worse Than Queer by my fellow Berkeleyan Mimi Nguyen.)

So - instead - I decided to create a log devoted to my encounters with popular culture: books, music, movies, etc. I already do this in a more professional capacity for those who've visited my online portfolio but I wanted to expand on my space to write about culture without having to be so damn formal about it all the time. I already write like this on music (see Soul Sides or On Deck) but 1) I hardly update those pages very regularly (unless you consider once every two - four months regular) and 2) while music is a central passion, it's hardly my only one. So here you have it - snapshots on the wonders (and wastes) across the pop landscape.

Welcome to Pop Life, hope you get something out of it. --Oliver Nov. 7, 2001

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