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Saturday, March 13, 2004


Not that anyone really cares but I was bored today. Here's a collection of the six splash pages that have led off this blog, beginning in the heady days of Nov 2001. In case you haven't seen the new one, here's the new one.
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Friday, March 12, 2004


killer kats

  • Sharon sent this over: "Family flee house to escape cat attack." I don't want to be skeptical about the veracity of this story, but when any cat is named "Cocoa Puff," it's very hard to take the news seriously when it includes lines like this:
      "Cocoa Puff seemed calm when they returned a few hours later. But then she "let out a vicious scream and lunged" at Mr Mancini. He said: "It came downstairs with one intention, and that was to harm us."

  • Uh oh. New data suggests that Asian American students are "less likely to be admitted into the University of California than students from other racial groups with comparable academic qualifications, according to a UC study released yesterday." No explanation has been given for this statistical disparity yet but best believe that there could be real trouble brewing. Frankly, I can't stand the anti-affirmative action stance that many Asian Americans take but as I said in an earlier blog entry, no issue seems to galvanize middle class APIs to action faster than college admissions. No doubt, some Right-wing SOBs will try to spin this into an Asian vs. Black/Latino racial debate.

  • Speaking of Asian Americans in college: New York University is experiencing a stunning rash of student suicides. The most recent victim was 19 year old Diana Chien, originally from the Bay Area, who jumped from the roof of her boyfriend's 24 story building after a fight. This is the fourth suicide in the last six months at NYU. What's going on over there?

    By the way, Hua pointed out that it's a messed up irony that the only press photo they have of Chien is her participating in the long jump. I also pointed out that on the right hand side of the page is a real estate ad for the very tall building at 845 United Nation Plaza.
    (spotted at AngryAsianMan.com)

  • Ok, in lighter news...this story about Ben Affleck pulling a fast one on the media almost makes me like him. Almost.
      Affleck's Mystery Woman Was Rolling Stone Hack

      The woman linked to Ben Affleck following his split from Jennifer Lopez has been revealed as Rolling Stone journalist Jancee Dunn. Dunn was interviewing the movie star when he decided to show her just what his life is like for the article, and so he suggested they act like lovers for the afternoon. The resulting photographs led to a bidding war in America as publications thought they had pictures of Affleck with his new girlfriend. The couple's day of running from the paparazzi is detailed in the new issue of Rolling Stone

    (from IMDB.com News)

  • Has anyone seen these two honey dips? According to Match.Com's new "Physical Attraction Test", they represent my ideal looking women. They're not ugly or anything but...

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  • Thursday, March 11, 2004


  • Our good friend Jessica Hopper aka the tinyluckygenius has come up with a list of words and phrases that should be banned from any and all future writing on music. Damn, if this goes into in effect, I might be in trouble.
      breaking the boundries of genre
      genre defying
      genre defining
      decidedly different
      defies categorization
      auspicious debut
      ambitious debut
      striking debut
      thoughtful debut
      willingness to reinvent themselves
      distinguished by
      a sound that is distinctly their own
      unique, but familiar
      singular voice
      musical landscape (also see "traversing of")
      musical tapestry
      punctuating rhythms
      punctuating bombast
    Here's a new drinking game: pick up any magazine or go to an online music site and everytime you read one of these words/phrases, pound a shot. Most of you could be dead by alcohol poisoning within about half an hour.

  • This story is already starting to make the blog rounds, but Talib Kweli is mad that someone uploaded an early version of his album to the internet. I won't properly do it justice so read the story over at hiphopmusic.com. However, dude over at Cocaine Blunts had this to say about Kweli:
      "I won't buy Talib's album. Not because I downloaded it, but because he doesn't know how to ride a beat and sounds like a little girl. Not to mention his hypocritical, ever conflicting politics. Is he trying to get gangsta with that "I will find you" shtick? I have no idea who this Iamrickjamesbitch character is (although he clearly has a penchant for terrible screen names), but I bet he'd shut down Kweli's 3'6", 85lbs frame. Is this gonna be Jay/Steve Stoute 2003? Or is it just gonna be Vordul/Will High pt. 2? I do have to say, the world we live in is a wonderful place where artists can dis you back after they catch feelings."
    Ha, tell me about it.

  • George Michael retires from music industry? Wait, I didn't realize he was still in it. Did I miss something?

  • Finally, the new all-liberal talk radio network is set to debut on March 31st. Al Franken stand up! All the conservatives be quiet.

  • This is kind of funny but in the latest William Hung news, he's told our good friend Jeff Chang and his family to stop selling Hung-related t-shirts. Damn Jeff - caught, can you get a witness?

  • AngryAsianMan.Com (and no, that's not me, contrary to popular perception. And no, that's not Jeff either) reports that there's a new Fast and the Furious sequel in the mix, this time bringing back Vin Diesel. Ha - dude's last three films all flopped, no wonder he's back, presumably no longer asking for $20,000,000. Also, just because it's so vogue to get up on the Tokyo dillsnik, they're shooting it there. Woo hoo, more Japanese stereotypes galore, I can't wait! Another new drinking game - when this film comes out, drink a shot everytime you see any of the following on screen: 1) a Yakuza gangster, 2) a woman in a provocative school girl outfit, 3) shot of Shibuya at night, 4) motorcycle gangs, 5) the interior of an arcade. Blood alcohol poisoning death within 15 minutes this time.

  • Hua sent this over: The Reel Ghostbusters. Who knew Asians were so superstitious?
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  • Monday, March 08, 2004

    UPDATED 3/10

    (via Eclecticism)

  • Do you hate dubbed films? Join theWeb Alliance for the Respectful Treatment of Asian Cinema.
    (spotted at Sharon's Yello Kitty)

  • This should surprise no one: "Teen abstinence vows get so-so results. Pledge doesn't cut rate of disease, study says." On the upside, such vows delays sex about about 1.5 years for most people who make them and I don't think that's a bad idea BUT one of the main justifications for such abstinence programs is that they're supposed to prevent the spread of venereal disease and according to this study, that's not happening. Maybe one day all these fervant sex-phobic religious groups and politicans will finally realize that telling kids not to have sex isn't a way to keep them safer and what's even more noteworthy: 88% of them still had sex before marriage. Oops, so much for the worth of the vow.

  • Why is anyone afraid of the Illuminati? Apparently, the Masons aren't all that bright.

  • Spalding Gray is dead. After he went missing for over a month, they have identified his body.

  • Ah, rap haters. They're such a surly bunch. If you want to read some stuff for kicks and giggles, look at this poorly penned invective against hip-hop by the UK's Nick Crowe. Whatever mane!
    (spotted at Different Kitchen)

  • But for those who hate sexist rap, there is now an alternative. Boston debuts an anti-sexist radio station for hip-hop fans.

  • The Shield is bizzack. Read Jeff Chang's spiel of love about it.

  • Did you ever want to know the real deal with hip-hop and porn? Ok, even if you didn't, Jay Smooth breaks it down.

  • Here's a decent article about Asian American rappers. It covers familiar ground that people have been writing about for about 10 years now but hey, any exposure is good exposure right?
    (spotted at Hip Hop Blog)

  • Ladies and gentleman, I give you: Ghettofabulous.com. Hold ya heads.
    (spotted at Hip Hop Intellectual Commentary)

  • Oh my. Oh my my. Um...I can't even really describe this in polite company but this new invention might convert new waves of biking enthusiasts.
    (spotted at Gizmodo)

  • I never, ever thought I'd be on the side of Howard Stern, whose shows I find to be appallingly misogynistic and patently offensive but damn, the current Right regime is making for strange bedfellows.
    (spotted at Best Week Ever)

  • Yo, Best Week Ever also reports that Peter Jackson has agreed to film "The Hobbit"!!! No studio chosen yet but you can bet the bidding war over this will be insane.

  • The Freelance Mentalists are about to crash your cipher. Scott Seward. Jeanne Fury. Julianne Shepherd. Michaelangelo Matos. H Arefe-Aine. Anthony Miccio. Adam Levine. Steve Kiviat. Gustavo Arellano. Matt Cibula. Maybe me. Got a crew? You better tell 'em.

  • Photoshop junkies can get their hit at Worth1000.com. Some hilarious but visually impressive ideas here.

  • Check out the new video for Kanye West's "All Falls Down". I'm still sorry he couldn't get the Lauryn sample cleared - that OG version was far better.
    (spotted at Intellectual Hip Hop Commentary)

  • More Arthur Russell love: Here's Johnny Ray Houston's piece on him.

  • Holy mother of god. Some German(?) folks, with clearly waaaay too much time on their hands, decided to get together and make an animated version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video (the long version) using charactesr made from Legos. Frightening.
      -Speaking of too much time on one's hands...may I also offer the Accidental Video Game Porn Archive? What is extraordinary about this archive is not the fact that there are video games out there with scenes that look like porn but that someone sat down and cataloged it. I mean, jesus christ dudes, get out of Evans Hall sometime and see the light! (Of course, they'd be from Berkeley).
    (both spotted at catchdubs.com)
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