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Tuesday, July 08, 2003


six degrees of obsession

Ok, it used to be Napster. Then I got DSL and discovered eBay. Now...Friendster. I'm not going to go on and on about it since, hell, everyone already has and those who haven't probably will but let me just say that this is some insidious sh*t devised to suck even more productive time out of your schedule. I've been spending precious hours plugging in random names from my past to see what serendipitous connections I still have with folks and frankly, it's pretty f*cking cool or freaky depending on your disposition.

For one thing, I just found out through Friendster that a former girlfriend (my first as it were), with whom I had a brief but sufficiently tumultous relationship with 10 years ago is now married. Holy mother of god! (Clearly, I've been out of touch for a minute). My best friend from that same time just told me the other night that he got engaged last month. Cot damn! And another ex from that same era is getting married in September. Jeezus...I feel really old these days considering that in the intervening 10 years, I've been in five relationships and have been engaged and married a grand total of ZERO times. Not that being 30 and unmarried is a real problem in this day and age. I can understand how that can cause some concern back in feudal Chinese days when the average life expentency was probably like...I don't know, 12 or something.

I digress.

Until I started my Saturn's return at 28, I never gave much thought to getting older and now, these days, I feel inudated about those thoughts. Getting married. Getting a real job. Having kids. Buying a house. Hell, just buying a car seems like a monumental deal though Sharon's cousin did offer to sell me a used Porsche Boxster at a good price though. Hmm...picture me rollin'...

whoops, wrong saturn

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